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42 WAYS – 42 Quick Start Guides to Make Money Online – ISBN 978-0-9874406-8-6

42-WAYS-eBook-NEW-RELEASEHow to earn money online working from home.

42 WAYS is far more than a list of ideas to make money online. The Quick Start Guides included for each opportunity reveal the fast and proven steps to get started sharing this booming online income phenomenon.

Using familiar Emojis for easy navigation this eBook is perfect for Teens, Students and anyone who wants to make money from a home-based business.

Developed in conjunction with Enrichment Training Company and International Best-selling Author David Bunney, acclaimed for his publications of Success Leaves A Trail, and the Startup Business Series, this eBook has been specifically crafted to achieve easy results.

Although let’s start with a clear understanding of what this book is all about. Yes, it delivers on the promise of 42 ways to make money online, and the Quick Starter Guides make it easy to understand and implement. Oh! But honestly, that is only a lick of the ice cream.

The changing pace of the Internet is redefining the world. It does not care if you like change or do not like change; either way, our lives are affected. One fact remains that any change always creates opportunity, and the smart ones are jumping for joy.

So what happens when you explore money-making opportunities online? It is proclaimed to be the most significant personal development learning ever. You see, it is not about the result of just gaining money; it is the required learning of all the skills necessary to make that happen that is the actual value.

Learning new skills is even more important when seeking to establish multiple sources of income. Get this right and you become financially secure and bulletproof.

So how do you start your journey? Well, this eBook 42 WAYS solves two problems. First, “Which online money opportunities will work best for you?”. Second, “How to get started?”

Starting a business working from home has never been easier. It is not without challenges though, however, if you have followed the advice in 42 WAYS and first identified your ‘happy place’, then it is just a matter of learning the elements needed for a successful and profitable home-based business operation. The benefits are many and include, Flexible working hours, low overheads, being your own boss, just to mention a few.

Which moves us onto the second most common obstacle. How to get started? Traditionally very often one would study business for an extended period of time, arduously develop business and marketing plans, and then sometimes grind to a halt before even commencing. Author David Bunney suggests a gentler approach with the mantra; success comes from the speed of execution and learning the necessary skills from actually doing something.

Think about it, haven’t you always learnt life lessons from doing stuff? Indeed the learning is in the doing. That is why the Quick Start Guides provide just enough information to get you started without becoming overwhelmed. Individual preferred learning styles have also been considered by including videos, reading and action points.

Let us explore what is inside 42 WAYS.


  • How to match opportunities that will work best for you
  • Over 700 links to resources you did not know existed
  • 126 information videos and success stories
  • Money opportunities suited to anyone. For example, the Crafty, Techy, Talented, Entrepreneurial, Hobbyist, and even the Desperately Broke
  • Simple Marketing and Secret Selling Tips
  • Useful Tools – Where to go, do, and get stuff free and low-cost

Early Chapters. These include information regarding legal issues of Agreements, Copyright, Selling Accounts, Social Media, and Online Payments. It even has a solution for how under 18 years of age Teens can still develop an online business and work from home.

Discovery Challenge. Exercises to help you perfectly match your hobbies and life interests to online opportunities. How are others making money online from the very same activities you enjoy?

Simple Marketing. Explained in simple terms with an easy infographic that instantly delivers the essentials of learning the sales process of any venture.

Secret Selling Tips. These have been developed from the Authors’ real-life experience and condensed into seven gold nuggets of information. Selling is not complex when you understand the reasons why people buy things.

Useful Tools. Where to Go, Do, and Get stuff FREE and low-cost. This becomes the most useful toolbox ever for links to resources most people do not even know to exist.

42 Quick Start Guides. The navigation on these two pages for each of the 42 opportunities is easy. Using familiar Emojis for each section has the information available at a glance and a click. There are even three videos included in each to satisfy those with a more visual learning style.

Some examples of opportunities included in the 42 WAYS eBook that are ideal for Teens, Students and Anyone wanting a Home-based Business include:

  1. Learn Affiliate Marketing
  2. How do you start a candle business
  3. Paid surveys for cash
  4. Etsy crafts and marketplaces
  5. Sell digital products online
  6. Make money from photography
  7. Selling handmade jewelry online
  8. How to become a teenage influencer
  9. How to do print on demand
  10. How to start a blog and make money

Glossary. No book is complete without the simple meanings of unfamiliar terms used in the book.

Bonus. Yes, as a thank you, a Complimentary Download is included of the Best-selling Book; “SUCCESS LEAVES A TRAIL – Fast-track Your Success in 3 Simple Steps”

The thesis of Success Leaves a Trail stems from Author David Bunney’s passion for helping others develop life skills that contribute to improving the world. Achieving success with anything can be fast-tracked in 3 simple steps:

Step 1.             Shift your MINDSET to know your goals and why they are important, as this gives you energy. Then be open to explore new opportunities and accept learning.

Step 2.             Learn the MECHANICS, the “how-to” information required to achieve your goals.

Step 3.             Connect with MENTORS, those who have already achieved success with what you are attempting to achieve.

David encourages everyone to focus on learning and the development of new skills. While the included Quick Start Guides in 42 WAYS serve their purpose, nothing is as valuable as developing the skills to figure stuff out for yourself.

As mentioned, 42 WAYS is far more than a list of ideas to make money online.


  •        Gain the financial independence you deserve
  •        Learn the skills and confidence to achieve your goals
  •        Make a positive impact on those close to you
  •        Have fun earning while doing what you enjoy
  •        Feel good that you invested in your self-development


Highly recommended! This book is so thorough and well-researched, but my favourite aspect is your optimistic and encouraging tone that shines through. Just reading this book gives me good energy!

LOVE THE CHOICES I am a crafty person so found many opportunities well suited, but now I see some of the others I want to try more. 5 Stars

Nicola T. Work from Home Mum
SO EASY TO USE! I love the quick start guides because it is easy to use and fast to get the information you need. This is great! 5 Stars

Sam B. Student
JUST NEEDED THAT START For years I have looked at online ideas and never seem to get started but now I have the information to fix that. Thanks! 5 Stars

Joe H. Young Entrepreneur
We Applaud Clever Thinking. 42 WAYS is so well suited for our International Students and is perfect for anyone seeking more from life. The opportunities presented are amazing and the layout makes it easy to use. Congratulations…Top Marks.

Junaid CEO – ACMi Australian College of Management and Innovation

A Word From the Author

We all play a role in shaping the world by how we support each other. So I truly hope this book 42 Ways inspires, educates, and encourages learning that creates balance, respect, and harmony in our future world.

David Bunney

Perth, Western Australia

Get Your Copy Here at www.42WAYS.com.au

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