How to earn money online working from home.

In this eBook 42 WAYS, you will learn the skills and confidence to achieve your goals from these 42 Quick Start Guides.

There are Home Business Ideas ideal for Teens, Students and Anyone wanting a Home Based Business . You can make money with these low-cost home business ideas simply by following the steps included in the Quick Start Guides for fast and proven results.

If you have been searching for these opportunities, then here is what is included in the eBook 42WAYS.

Teen Side Hustle Ideas
Home Based Business Ideas
Ideas for a Side Hustle
Ideas for Online Business
Work from Home Online Money
Low-cost Online Money Start
Easy Ways to Make Money Online
Home Business Ideas
Teens, Students Online Money
Online Money Ideas for Student
Teen Money Ideas Online Guides
Easy Guides for Online Money
Online Money Quick Start Guide
Home Based Business

This is a look inside the eBook 42WAYS


Let’s start with a clear understanding of what this book is all about. Yes, it delivers on the promise of 42 ways to make money online, and the Quick Starter Guides make it easy to understand and implement. Oh! But honestly, that is only a lick of the ice cream.

My passion is helping others develop life skills that contribute to improving the world. Achieving success with anything can be fast-tracked in 3 simple steps:

Step 1.           Shift your MINDSET to know your goals and why they are important, as this gives you energy. Then be open to explore new opportunities and accept learning.

Step 2.           Learn the MECHANICS, the “how-to” information required to achieve your goals.

Step 3.           Connect with MENTORS, those who have already achieved success with what you are attempting to achieve.

We all play a role in shaping the world by how we support each other.  So I truly hope this book inspires, educates, and encourages learning that creates balance, respect, and harmony in our future world.


The best advice to get the most from this book is to treat it like a food buffet. Do a quick scan of what is on offer that grabs your interest. Then consume that one thing. You can always come back for more. Yes, the temptation is to try everything at once, and just like the food buffet is usually not the best outcome.

Navigation is easy; just follow the Emoji. The Quick Start Guides are designed to explain what it is about and get you started. It does not replace a more in-depth business plan if required.

I know most readers skip the beginning of books. However, I plead you spend a little time at least doing these things.

  1. Discovery Challenge
  2. Simple Marketing

Making money online is about customer relations and selling, so your success requires a basic understanding of these. Have fun with it all.

Quick Navigation

ABOUT – This is a quick explanation of what the opportunity is all about.

TIP – These information tips can be valuable tips or sometimes warnings.

WATCH – Videos are a fast way to learn using both audio and images.

READ – Pictures explain everything. Also, there are good articles.

GO HERE – This shows you where to go and get or do stuff.

DO THIS – Take action at this step as this is required to make things work.

GET THIS – It shows you what you need to get that would be helpful.

SHARE – Information on how to share your products with buyers.

LEARN – How to learn more skills that would be helpful for this opportunity.

Discovery Challenge – Part 1

This exercise helps you remember all the things that you find exciting and fun! Read this list and tick the activities you enjoy doing the most. Select as many as you like or add some.

Discovery Challenge – Part 2

From your selections from the previous list, choose your three best activities, and give them a winning place of 1st, 2nd and 3rd. You may also like to consider why you enjoy these.

Discovery Challenge – Part 3

In this exercise, you will learn to research how other people make money from the very same activities as you listed. It is time to get the notebook or file set up to cut and paste.


Simple Marketing Tips

What are you selling

Who is your target audience

Why do they buy from you

How will you deliver your message


Secret Selling Tips

ere is a list of the most powerful tips for selling anything.

Selling is not complex when you understand the reasons why people buy things. Think about some of your buying decisions.

Come back and apply these in the Quick Start Guides.

 TIP 1)   You make more money when you have fun helping other people.

 TIP 2) Choose something to sell that solves a problem many people have.

 TIP 3) Understand having money just allows you to do more things and shows how kind you are. Good people do good things with money; usually, bad people do bad things with money. Let money help you be a good person.

 TIP 4) Create things people did not know they wanted until they saw it and loved it so much, they just needed to buy it. Always be thinking about the emotions of buying.

 TIP 5) The skills and things you will learn from making money online are more valuable to your future than all the money you can earn now. Learning how to figure stuff out for yourself is so helpful.

 TIP 6) You will make more profit selling something at a regular price if you can buy or make that item cheaper than anyone else. For example, if the regular price of an item is $20 and usually costs $10 to make, don’t try and sell that item at $25. Just try and make it for a lower cost of $5 instead of $10, and then sell it at the regular price of $20.

 TIP 7) If you want to sell more stuff, then do not make the price cheaper; just keep adding more valuable things to the item. Add something that does not cost much, like a handwritten Thankyou note or better-looking packaging.

Useful Tools

Where to Go, Do, and Get stuff FREE and Low-cost

Affiliate Platforms

Popular affiliate platforms to find and promote vendors’ products.

·         DIGISTORE24

·         CLICKBANK

·         AMAZON

·         SHARE A SALE

·         WARRIOR PLUS

·         JV ZOO


AI Writing Assistant Software


Artificial Intelligence writing assistant software for writing Articles, Posts, and Marketing Blurbs.

Software Comparison Review

·         http://ai-writer.com/

·         https://philosopherai.com/?

·         https://www.copy.ai/

·         https://sassbook.com/ai-writer

·         https://snazzy.ai/

·         https://writesonic.com/

·         https://www.conversion.ai/

·         https://copysmith.ai/

·         https://kafkai.com/

Alternatives to Applications


·         AlternativeTo.net

·         27 Free Alternatives to Adobe’s Expensive App Subscriptions

Book Cover Design

DIY Book Covers – Free 3d Book cover image creation and free templates

Craft Wholesale

Laser Cut Crafts – a full range of amazing items. They supply “blanks” for vinyl work, paint, craft, and jewellery






Domains and Website Hosting

A2Hosting (Recommended)



Grammarly (Recommended)

Graphic Design

Canva Click Here for FREE Account (Recommended)

Templates for just about everything


Create and customise illustrations from collections made by artists across the globe.

·         Free Illustrations

·         Blush Design

·         unDraw

·         Absurd Design

·         Open Peeps

Image Editing

Free online Photo and Image editing. From cartoons, design, photo, sketch, and paint effects.

·         LunaPic

·         GIMP

·         PIXLR

·         Canva

·         Fotor

·         BeFunky

Make Community

The Maker Movement is a resource for product development, education, and learning.

Makerspaces offer DIY spaces to create, invent, and learn. In libraries, they often have 3D printers, software, electronics, craft, and hardware supplies and tools.


Find out which online marketplaces rule their countries, regions, and product categories in this definitive list of marketplaces worldwide.

The World’s Top Online Marketplaces

Popular marketplaces to buy, sell and collect unique items.

·         Etsy

·         MadeIt

·         Ecwid

·         eBay

·         Gumtree






Photos, Video, and Illustrations

Pexels Millions of Free images and video

Pixabay for Royalty Free images and video

All The Free Stock – Images, Video, Music, and Icons

Stockup – Aggregating dozens of free stock photo websites

Private Label Rights (PLR)

There are many PLR Suppliers; here are a few popular ones.

·         ID plr (My favourite)

·         PLT.me

·         Uthens


·         Buy Quality PLR

Remote Job Market

A collection of job market opportunities specifically for work-from-home and world digital nomad travellers.

·         Remote.co

·         Ethical Jobs

·         We Work Remotely

·         Skip The Drive

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools and reviews for websites.

·         MOZ

·         Seobility

·         SEO Site Checkup

·         HubSpot – 15 of the Best SEO Tools for Auditing & Monitoring Your Website

Side Hustle Income

Side Hustle Stack is a FREE resource to find platform-based work, ranging from gig work and side hustles to platforms that help you start a small business that can grow.

Task Outsourcing

Get jobs done or offer your services on these marketplaces.

·         Fiverr

·         UpWork

·         Freelancer

·         Quickengigs

·         Freelancer

·         Guru

·         Peopleperhour

·         SEOClerk

how do you start affiliate marketing business

1 – Paid to Recommend This eBook

Have you ever purchased something that you liked so much you told your friends about it? They thanked you for the recommendation and bought the same thing. Now imagine getting paid for doing that.

This process is called Affiliate Marketing. Because this subject is such a great opportunity, we will focus on just one example here. That is, promoting this eBook, ‘42 WAYS‘. Recommend this eBook to others using your Unique Affiliate Link and get paid 50% of sales referred from that link.

Learn Affiliate Marketing

2 – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products. The affiliate searches for a product they like, promote that product and earns a profit from each sale they make. While the process is made quite simple by various Affiliate platforms, successfully promoting items can complex and needs some learning first.

There is lots of FREE information available, so there is no need for any paid course just yet

how do you start a candle business

3 – Candle Creations

Candle making has been around for over 2,000 years; however, it has never been easier to get started. There are suppliers of kits and equipment with all the information required for your creative mind.Yes, you soon realise how much variety is now available from scented to unscented, seven different waxes, several types of wicks and even care instructions. Candle making has always been a profitable niche, especially when the product is packaged and presented well.


paid surveys

4 – Paid for Your Opinions

Have you got an opinion? Do you like testing games, websites, new products or doing surveys? Opinions matter to large companies, and they are willing to reward those who participate. Your challenge is finding the ones that pay well, and you enjoy the most. Understand what information is helpful to companies willing to pay for your opinion. Your comments need to be able to help redesign a product or indicate an improvement may be necessary.

etsy crafts

5 – Be Crafty on Etsy

It is always easier to sell things where there are lots of people gathered looking to buy. Weekend markets are like that, so too is the selling platform Etsy.com.

Imagine weekend markets of handmade craft, unusual ornaments, antiques that describes Etsy. However, this opportunity is much bigger than that. You can also sell Digital Downloads (See 6 – Sell Digital Downloads), and then you can also list your items on many other similar marketplaces as Etsy. So the only challenge is how creative are you?

sell digital products online

6 – Sell Digital Downloads

I love digital downloads because they are instant; customers like that too. Also, these can be systemised to be selling even when you are asleep. With automated customer contact, no packaging, shipping or returns. Now that is a good business model as it is truly passive income. So what are digital downloads? Any type of file that someone can share. Examples include eBooks, music, video, software, online courses, templates, infographics, files and more.

sell photos online

7 – Profitable Photography

Selling your photos online is just the start of making money from photographs. Many creative opportunities are profitable and straightforward. Every smartphone has a camera, so you may not even need expensive equipment. The success of which photos sell is learning the market. You will be surprised as often it is unusual shots of everyday objects that are in demand. With some learning, it is quite possible to earn from your passion.

selling handmade jewelry online

8 – Jewellery on Etsy

Etsy is a selling platform for handcrafted items, and it is used here as an example; however, many others are similar. Jewellery is trendy because of its unique designs. It only costs a few cents to list an item for sale and is easy to set up your shop. You just need an excellent Shop Name to get started. You can buy the wholesale items needed to make your creations. 

how to become a teenage influencer

9 – Social Media Influencer

An influencer is someone who has established an audience of followers and can have influence over other’s buying decisions. Young influencers select a topic or worthwhile cause they are intensely interested in and offer valuable information to build a following through engagement. When large enough, they get paid to recommend certain product brands. Becoming a public identity is not for everyone, so you should think carefully first; however, the possibilities are unlimited for those with passion, drive, and confidence.

how to do print on demand

10 – Print On Demand (POD)

POD stands for Print on Demand. This is when you sell your designs on various types of products. These may include t-shirts, hoodies, bags, wall prints, merchandise, towels and lots more. You can be creative here because you do not need to make these items immediately or even have them in stock. They are made for you AFTER you have sold them. There are also lots of incredible display options for your designs like this one at Placeit.net.

how to start a blog and make money

11 – Blogging Your Interest

What better way to have fun than talking about what you like? Blogging is simply content on a website about one specific interest. It might include pictures, articles, video and more. There are so many ways to make money from this; some learning is required. Also, it takes time to grow an audience of people interested in your topic, so it is not about getting rich quick but an excellent investment over time. (FYI, a Vlog is a video blog. Same but different)

make money doing jigsaw puzzles

12 – Jigsaw Puzzles

Many sites allow you to create and sell jigsaw puzzles. Puzzles can be made using plastic, cardboard, and even digital puzzles. These can all be shared or sold. You can find Free Photos to use at Pexels or Pixabay or use one of your favourites. If you are artistic, you can use this opportunity as another way to sell your creations. Here is an example of one company…CreateJigsawPuzzles.com

how to earn money on foap

13 – Creative Videos and Photos – FOAP

FOAP works with marketing agencies and clients to provide visual content. Video and Photo creators are invited to submit work that may meet specific requirements. These are called Missions. Each mission pays a prize for the winner, starting at $50 You can install their App and upload your photos for sale as well.

trash to treasure business

14 – From Trash to Treasure

Selling unwanted goods has always been a great opportunity. However, now with the Internet, it is much easier to show people what you have to sell. Often this has replaced the garage/verge sale. This gig is only about finding an item for FREE or Low Cost and reselling it for more money. Your success will be in learning which items are in demand, and the price people are willing to pay. There is another opportunity called Up-cycling, which is different and explained later.

make money upcycling

15 – Upcycling for Cash

Upcycling is the process of creating something new and more valuable from unwanted or waste products. Good for the environment, good for you. This is different to recycling as that involves the destruction of waste to create something new. This is so much fun because you can make things from whatever you are interested in. If you like fashion and clothing, you can upcycle an old pair of jeans into expensive “your brand” designer clothes. The same for décor, furniture, jewellery, and more.


how to sell games online

16 – Games and Brain Teasers

These sell quickly as they are ideal for gifts and others that enjoy Games and Brain Teasers. Research shows that mental exercise that tests your brainpower with number or word puzzles may boost your brain’s activity. You can either hand-make your own or find a wholesale supplier

how to sell recipes online

17 – Secret Family Recipes Revealed

Are you a foodie? Who isn’t? More importantly, every family has those secret recipes handed down through the generations. That secret sauce or jam or dish recipe that only the family knows. Is it your time to share these with the world? Can you get family permission? If so, this opportunity may be just what you are looking for. Don’t worry about doing it all; here are all the steps you need to get started.

make money playing games

18- Online Gaming? Yes, it is a Thing

It would be easy to dismiss online gaming as just a time-consuming hobby. However, it has become a multi-billion industry and continues rapid growth. Many gaming enthusiasts are earning top money from a variety of methods. Here we explore some of the common ones.

how to make a children's picture book

19 – Write a Children’s Picture eBook

If you have never written a book and want to get known as an Author, then a great way to start is by creating an eBook or Picture Book for ages 3 – 5. All you need is a great imagination to tell a story. These types of books have about 100 words and 16 pages of simple illustrations. Do not worry about how to do that, as we can show you where to go to make it all happen. Your job is to dream up a very short, fun story with a simple message with a start, a middle, and an end.

fiverr freelance work

20 – Fiverr Freelancer

Fiverr.com allows 13 years of age and older to offer their services. So what can you offer? The website started with people providing services for just $5. It has now grown to include just about everything. This means you can get things done and sell that thing for more money, or you can sell something yourself. But wait? Look at the logos above; they are other sites similar to Fiverr.

making soaps to sell

21 – Soothing Soap and Salts

People will pay money to feel good, and there is nothing more relaxing than the smell of homemade soaps and fragrant salts. This is a big industry with many opportunities to be creative and profitable. The advantage of these products is that there is an abundance of information on getting started. Also, the large companies in this space can be an inspiration for product, font, packaging, and price points. Whilst competitive, a personal touch always has an advantage.

sell plr

22 – PLR for Online Courses and Sales

Private Label Rights (PLR) allows you to buy readymade content that you can sell. This includes complete video courses, eBooks, software and more. This content contains so many niches you will be sure to find some that match your interest. The advantage is they are a finished product ready for sale. The challenge sometimes is many other people are selling identical items. Do not let this slow you down, as there are opportunities to present this content in uniquely creative ways.

how to make money voice acting

23 – Voice Acting is Childs Play

Do you have a voice? Can you speak one language? Maybe voice acting or voice-overs is just the thing. Agencies know they get a better result from hiring kids’ voices than adults trying to imitate or a computer-generated young voice. This can be serious fun. 

Just to clarify the terminology.
Voice Over Narrators often specialise in audiobooks, documentaries, explainer videos, or act as audio tour guides.
Voice Actors are heard performing in animated movies, TV cartoons, radio dramas, video games, puppet shows, and foreign language dubbing.

zine publishing

24 – Zine Publishing

Ezines are short for “Electronic Magazines”. Zines (pronounced zeens) are subtlety similar. Yes, they are popular. Yes, they can be very profitable. They can be published as a magazine, on a website or using email. The advantage of digital magazines over the print version is the multi-media that can be included to bring the reading experience to life.(Note the terms – ‘Zines’ and ‘Ideating’ are just some of the new terminologies used in this space)

how do i start a dropshipping business

25 – Dropshipping Dollars

Dropshipping is a simple idea to understand yet requires quite some learning to master. Let’s start with how it works. A seller ‘You’ accepts customer orders but does not keep goods sold in stock. Instead, you transfer the orders and their shipment details to either the manufacturer or a wholesaler, which then ships them directly to your customer. You pocket the money between the selling price and the wholesale cost.

how do i become a virtual assistant

26 – Virtual Assistant / Tasker

Virtual assistants earn good money for a reason. First, it becomes cost-effective to engage others in specific jobs or tasks that others cannot do through lack of knowledge. Oh, and another is laziness. So the success of this opportunity relies on your ability to solve their problems. You become the “Go-to Person” when there is a task someone does not have time or knowledge to do.

how to sell collectibles

27 – Trading Collectables

Collectables are items that can be purchased and sold for more than the original value. This is an emotional industry as people become very attached to some objects including, Stamps, Coins, Cards and the unusual.
Here are two statements that completely contradict each other yet individually remain so true.
Your success trading collectables is directly related to your knowledge of the actual value of a particular item.
The actual value of any item is only worth the price someone is willing to pay for it!

how to make money as a freelance illustrator

28 – Freelance Illustrator Artist

If you have any artistic flair, this is a lot of fun and can be very profitable. So what exactly is an illustrator?
An illustrator is an artist who specializes in enhancing writing or ‘elucidating’ (yes, it is a word) concepts by providing a visual representation that corresponds to the content of the associated text or idea.

how to become a social media manager as a teenager

29 – Social Media Manager

Some suggest that a social media editor is the starting point of graduating to an experienced social media manager. However, I am not convinced that is entirely accurate. Either way, this role helps busy people post content on a range of media platforms, including blogs.
The financial rewards reflect the complexity of the tasks required and the results achieved. Because online analytics can measure everything, an experienced manager can demonstrate performance—both good results and not favourable results.

how do music artists make money from online streaming

30 – Streaming Music Money

Are you exploring your musical talent? Maybe you just like listening to music. Either way, the music industry is significant, and there are so many different opportunities it is worth understanding what is available.
Streaming music online has matured into a massive industry due to increased internet speeds. The monitorization opportunities have also exploded. From simple ad revenue to creative music gigs on Fiverr, there has never been a better time to explore the possibilities.

how to make money on ebay

31 – My eBay Store

Like many other selling platforms, there are advantages and disadvantages, and eBay is no exception. The primary consideration is the type of products that sell. eBay is often referred to as the bargain basement marketplace, which means that although there are many buyers, they mainly demand one thing, a low-priced bargain.
Profit margins are low, and you need to consider eBay complex selling fees. However, as of mid-2019, there are 182 million eBay users worldwide.

digital scrapbooking business

32 – Digital Scrapbooking

Digital scrapbooking is about compiling a collection of photos and special memories into a book or pages. These photo books are displayed on a device or printed into a book. Although projects may start for personal interest, it is not hard to sell your design for others to use.
The reason it is easy to get started is the FREE templates and software available. The combination of Canva and Etsy will make it all happen for you.

how to become a fact checker

33 – Research and Fact Checker

Let’s face it; researching is time-consuming, right? Business owners know that it is not always the best use of their time and are willing to pay others for these tasks. Potential clients may include Authors, Bloggers, Academic Teachers, Marketing firms, Students and more.
But wait, there is more. All knowledge is accessible online, so if you focus on one topic, you become an expert. This knowledge becomes valuable, especially when it solves a problem Hint.

how to create an ebook to sell

34 – eBook Publisher

There are many reasons for writing an eBook; you just need one. However, the purpose of creating an eBook determines the process of making it happen. For example, if the sole purpose is to make money from sales, you should seek a topic in high demand, offering outstanding value, and sought after from those willing to buy it.
Oh, did I mention you do not need to be good at writing? Others can do each step of the process. Also, there are many eBook creator software and other resources readily available. Your job is deciding the ‘Why’.

how to sell ad space on your website

35 – Web Ad Space

“Google AdSense” is an advertising network that helps advertisers display their ads. What they need to make this happen is website ad space and will pay you when they show ads and someone clicks on that ad. Simple, right?
Yes, but you will not start making a lot of money until your website has many visitors looking at those ads. Your mission to get high visitor numbers to your site. There are also opportunities to display ads in your videos on YouTube. Whilst Google AdSense is the most publicised; there are at least 21 similar alternatives.

domain flipping business

36 – Domain and Website Flipping

The practise of buying and selling Websites and Domains is called ‘Flipping’. Whilst these are two different opportunities, they are both included here as they are similar. This is an interesting opportunity as the rewards can be as exciting as finding that precious treasure. It helps when you learn how the valuations are made, although there is software to calculate that.
A related opportunity is when a business or government agency forgets to renew its domain registration. It then becomes available; you buy it and graciously sell it back to them. (yes, it happens more often than you think)

start saas business

37 – SaaS Agency

Software as a Service (or SaaS) is a way of delivering applications over the Internet—as a service. Instead of installing and maintaining software, you simply access it via the Internet, freeing yourself from complex software and hardware management.
Likely, you are already using one—for example, Google Apps, Dropbox, MailChimp or a Webhosting Service. So the opportunity is developing or simply reselling services like a Reseller Hosting account (e.g. A2Hosting and have multiple paying clients hosted on your account.

google skillshop

38 – Certified Student

Let’s be clear this opportunity does not replace the unusual University or Tertiary education path. Instead, it is a collection of specific study skills that reputable organisations provide for FREE or Low Cost. For example, if you wanted to specialise as a Social Media Manager, what better place to become certified than Facebook or Pinterest.
Yes, all the major companies have certification programs. So if you understand that the best investment is in your education and skills, this opportunity is right for you.

how to start an ecommerce business

39 – eCommerce Store

eCommerce is simply buying and selling goods and services on the internet. It has the advantages of lower costs than a regular store in a mall and can trade 24 hours a day worldwide. Pretty cool, hey!
A common element it shares, though, is no customers equal no sales. So careful thought needs to ensure you choose products and services in demand and with a point of difference to the millions of other online eCommerce stores.
You need to answer the buyer’s question, “Why Should I Do Business With You”?

how to become a web designer

40 – Web Designer

Building a website can be as complex as you make it. Many opportunities exist for developing and maintaining sites. One of the most straightforward platforms is WordPress, as this has a massive community of support and Plugins that replace the need for any coding.
With low-cost hosting and a FREE WordPress template, it is possible to have clients pay you well.

how to earn money with nft

41 – NFT Blockchain Phenomenon

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) can be anything digital such as music, art, creative work etc. It uses a digital ledger called blockchain, where each NFT represents a unique digital item.
Ok, so how are others making ridiculous amounts of money? Think of it like this, anyone can own a copy of the Mona Lisa painting, but there is only one original. The value is in owning an original digital NFT something.
Are you still confused? Try this. Investopedia Blockchain Explained.

how to become an entrepreneur

42 – Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is creative, has imagination and is confident in their ideas and ability. You are never too young to get started. Successful entrepreneurs usually go around looking for problems to solve. Sometimes they develop their solutions; other times, they can do better with what is currently used.


Ok, so we don’t always know the meaning of some words. That becomes an excellent opportunity to learn. The critical thing to remember is that once you have learned something new, you can use that knowledge to help you make money online.

Below is a list of some common words and acronyms that will help you understand their meaning.



Simple Meaning


The number 42 is, in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”, calculated by an enormous supercomputer named Deep Thought over a period of 7.5 million years. Unfortunately, no one knows what the question is.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (novel) – Wikipedia



An acronym is a new word formed from the first letter of other words. Example PIN – (Personal Identification Number) So it is silly to call it a PIN number.



Captcha stands for “completely automated public Turing Test to tell computers and humans apart.”



DIY refers to “do it yourself,” as in decorating or repairing your home



The GDPR is an EU regulation that protects the online privacy of all EU citizens. It covers how personal data is used and extracted when users visit and interact with a website. This act affects all websites since they are likely to get visitors from the EU region.




Memorandum of Understanding – An informal agreement









An NFT — which stands for Non-Fungible Token — is like a certificate of authenticity for an object, real or virtual. It uses a digital ledger called blockchain technology.



PDF stands for “portable document format.” It refers to a particular electronic document format that can only be viewed and printed as a whole.



Private Label Rights (PLR) allows you to buy readymade content that you can sell.



POD stands for Print on Demand. This is when you sell your designs on various types of products.



Software as a Service (or SaaS) is a way of delivering applications over the Internet—as a service.



SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics and defines vector-based graphics for the Web.· SVG defines the graphics in XML format.



Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats – Often used in marketing analysis.


UX and UI

Refers to the User Experience (UX) and the User Interface (UI) when visiting a website.



Virtual Assistant



When you’re WFH, you’re working from home. WFH is an initialism in that it’s pronounced by its letters rather than as a word in and of itself.



Ezines are short for “Electronic Magazines”. Zines (pronounced zeens) are subtlety similar.




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He is an International Best-selling Author, Enrichment Speaker, and Lifestyle Mentor based in Perth, Western Australia. David studied business and entrepreneurship at Edith Cowan University and completes ongoing formal business and professional study to remain on the cutting edge of technology and innovation. He holds board positions on several corporate entities, including a research and development public company.


Through his travels, he facilitates training workshops for entrepreneurs, corporate clients, and government agencies. His acclaimed unique style of delivering education through entertainment and real-life experience has David in high demand worldwide. He enjoys regular speaking engagements delivering Enrichment Lectures for Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises on their larger cruise ships.


He has personally pioneered well over a dozen start-up business ventures in his career, spanning eight industries. David serves as a mentor to start-up business owners and is credited with countless success testimonials.


David’s primary focus is to help people improve their lifestyle by achieving balance and abundance. He achieves this through his resources and education programs. As an industry thought-leader, he is aptly described as engaging, authentic, and entertaining. Followers claim they are left feeling inspired, educated, and encouraged to achieve success and have more fun in their life.


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